Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Steadfast

Okay, So I went to Skills USA over the weekend, the regional competition, and my PakYak won the first place prize for the engineering challenge! I got a one year tuition paid scholarship to Vincennes University.
Also, thanks to a computerized embroidery machine at my school, I was able to name my boat as I was making the skin. It is now the Steadfast and has it's first water trial in the pool here at school. I wouldn't call it a maiden voyage though, considering that I didn't go anywhere or move away form the edge of the pool.
Thats the exiting part, but it took a lot to get there. I spent Friday, the day before the competition, finishing up some of the skin in a last mad scramble. But, thanks to a couple of late nights, I'm all but finished with my PakYak. I still need to seal the wood and spend a few minutes of detailing for the seat, but all and all its done. Who knows what the first real water trial will turn up though. Anyway,  I have a lot more pictures in my gallery and a video of me unfolding the boat. 

Sorry the video is a little blurry. In real time it takes me about 10 minutes to unfold the Steadfast.
Also there are some people in a few of the picture's I've uploaded that have given some sort of help to me throughout the process.

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