Sunday, September 14, 2008

Whew, got a lot done this week end

Surprisingly enough I was able to get a lot acomplished this weekend. I first decided that I needed to draw out as much as the boat as I could pull dimensions out on and that worked out really well and, as it turned out, the dimensioning I had started on for the end brace previously was all wrong. So reworking things turned out really well for me. I also have a naming system in place that I will be using for all of the peices as i go along in the build. For now though I have both the End Brace and the Mid Brace assembled in Autodesk Inventor and, of course, all of the peices that go with them dimensioned and saved.

To the left there is the end brace and to the right the mid brace

Each of these braces will apear twice in the boat, since it is esencialy just half a foling Kayak mirrored width wise. Finally the last thing I did was to take all of the information and pieces I had built up for the end brace and put them into, what I hope is, an easy-to-read set of diagrams to referance later when I physicaly build the PakYak and for others. I could have gotten the mid brace done the same way, with the information I have, but doing that work gets sort fo tedious after a while. Not to mention I still needed to confirm a few details with Jim Heter first.

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