Monday, June 15, 2009

Less than a Week

There is less than a week to go till Kansas city and I still have to get a few more things done, most of it minor though, namely:
Shelly over at Aker Shorter is still working on the newest skin and I still have to put a little more structure into our presentation, not to mention we have to rehearse it.
Later this week I'll post some pictures here of this last week, which was the first week of my summer vacation. I spent last week working on the other 4 frames and got really far on one of them, it might even go to Kansas with us as part of the display. As far as that frame goes its only the center brace and the gunwales that need to be completed.

Also I plan on posting pictures in the gallery of the SkillsUSA national competition, there will be over 17,000 competitors there in various competitions, that should make some things interesting to say the least. (e.g. finding a place to eat) I'm going to focus one what all I think is neat there, other groups displays and such.
I'll talk to you later next week, stay tuned for competition updates as we get closer to game time.

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