Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catch Up

Okay, alot has happened since we last met. First off our SkillsUSA team competed in the Indiana state competition and took first place! We're going on the nationals in Kansas city now. W00t!
Also to be said, a week or two ago we worked a little on the wooden parts again, rounding corners and finishing up drilling the necessary holes. Nothign real exciting, but I posted a few pictures of us doing that, in the gallery, regardless.
Both the foam and the aluminum has arrived now, a while ago actually, and the newest skin has been put through a pool test. The gunwhales still need to be attached to the skin, but the difference is still night and day between the new skin and the old one. I'll have a short video of the new skin in action up in the gallery as well.
Some of our goals for the immediate future include: mount the gunwhales, seal the wood, countersink-sand-seal the new wooden pieces, start and finish the metal pieces for the new frames, and turn out at least one new frame. (Hopefully within the fortnight.)

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