Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Alright, so this past month or so has been less of an adventure or progress towards the completion of my PakYak, the Steadfast. No, what I have been doing for this past month has been largely working towards a better SkillsUSA project. When I set out to build my own PakYak it was a choice mostly driven by an intense fascination with the design and the idea of having a Kayak that could be stored easily in a closet and then, just as easily, hiked or driven in a normal car to anywhere with water. What I have taken this little endeavor to now amounts to something that that could potentially result in more than just a fascinating little boat. By entering it into SkillsUSA for the regional competition I feel motivated to take my project a step further. I now consider the boat that I have built to be a sort of prototype, even though the design is not of my own it still has been a massive learning experience for me. As I said, I want to excel what has become, for SkillsUSA reasons, my team's project in order to set my sights upon the high goal of making it to the National competition.
I intend to do this by building five more Kayaks, four of which the plan right now is to sell to foot some of the bill for the National fees, air fair, and hotel.
So thats the sum of my last month. I've been planning and Sponsor hunting for this $1500 addition to my SkillsUSA team. I'm going to solicit the help of my High School's Technology classes/students and get them to build all of the 240+ wooden pieces necessary, as well as the Aluminum pieces, from the detailed pdfs that I have come up with. It should be relatively simple to accomplish if we incorporate small scale mass production techniques.
Thats the News, and again if anyone is interested or has questions, leave a comment with your email address in it, or send me an email to gage6917(AT)

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